Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ramblings of One Who Doesn't Know Where to Begin, or How to End... Again

Good March afternoon to you all!

I have been busy creating new and fresh items for my etsy shop and home shows! And yes, then the taxes are also due by month's end. How is it that it sneaks up on me year after year, and every time I vow to do it all in January of the next?

So, being that it is the month of March, and the weather is changing (and changing and changing), I feel the pull of spring, and can smell the flowers already. I am enjoying the spring, even though I have not been out in it. It always inspires me. This is the time of year, that I love going out into the bush, in my rubber boots and warm socks, exploring. I love the smell of the earth in spring. New things are around the corner. Mmmmmmm.

It is funny, how I actually want to go down to my little space in the basement and work at my 'bench'. The spring is calling me there to create. Create, create, create.

I was recently interviewed for the Etsy Alberta Street Team Blog! You can check it out here: I am a proud member of the Etsy Alberta Street Team. And to check out my shop, and see some new things, you can go here: (you'll have to copy/paste the links, for some reason it won't link properly - sorry!)

Please leave me a comment with your favorite thing about spring!

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